Toyota Impact Hub Challenge 2018

For the very first time, Toyota Cambodia, cooperated with Impact HUB Phnom Penh to organize the program called, "Toyota Impact Challenge 2018". This is a 10-month journey as we started with 10 teams with strong passions in finding solutions to challenge surrounding transportation, smart cities, road safety, and the environment in Cambodia. Only 3 teams (Rushero, SmartBin and TosJis) had been selected to join a 6-month incubation and the competition for USD10,000 in the final pitch. The Final pitch was held on 19th, January, 2019 at Factory Phnom Penh, which the winner was SmartBin. SmartBin is the digital hardware to software innovation that focuses on solving waste management problems by giving its users incentives for environmentally protective behavior. SmartBin aims to launch and install the first technology trash bin in Cambodian after receiving USD10,000 investment. This program would have contributed a bit to Cambodian society and inspired Cambodian young entrepreneurs.