Let’s Plant 2017 - Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

Toyota (Cambodia) and Toyota Group always protecting and caring of environment for living in harmony together in Cambodia and the world. Actually as we mentioned on October 17, 2017 in the Press Conference called Let’s Plant 2017 at Mondulkiri, Mr. Hiroyuki Itoh as President of TCAM said that Toyota (Cambodia) have shared to cut down the earth heating. In 2015, Toyota was launched the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 that is our plan for producing car with Zero CO2 emission on the air. Every June, Toyota has been celebrated the Toyota Global Environment Month in order to fostering our passion for the environment and doing a business on producing the better car to saving the environment and to enrich the lives of our communities.


Regarding to the above, on October 25, 2017 Toyota (Cambodia) and Junior Chamber International, Cambodia-Jaktomuk took 50,000 trees for planting at Keoseima (Mondulkiri) under presiding of Administrator of a District, the representative of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the representative of Toyota (Cambodia), the president of Junior Chamber International, Cambodia-Jaktomuk, State Authorities and students. Toyota (Cambodia) keeps supporting this events in order to make our community better by continues cooperated with JCI and government for caring the environment.

Thank you!