7th Technical Scholarship Program

Toyota Cambodia has played the main role in developing human resources in the country. Since 2012, we has cooperated with JVC Technical College (JVC) to provide financial sponsor to poor students to study Two-Year-Technical-Scholarship Program. The announcement is made through radio and social media, then the shortlisted candidates is invited for the interview. To really prove their real living condition, we conduct home visit for those who pass the interview, and finally, we organize the press conference consisting of Medias to award the successful scholarship applicants from Toyota Cambodia. Currently, there are totally 79 Scholarship students studying under the full financial support of TCAM, in which the 5th generation students already graduated from JVC in August 2018, while the 6th and 7th generations are still pursuing their study. Toyota Cambodia will try to conduct this scholarship program every year for the benefit of relatively poor students.